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Mission Statement


Dedicated to your transportation needs; Tigress, a newly established, five-year-old, family owned and operated trucking company is here to deliver. Loyalty, honesty, trustworthiness, and clear and concise communication are what we pride ourselves in. We are committed to meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations for all of our customers.

Our Story

Tigress Logistics was established with women and diversity in mind.

In 2016, Arnita Hudson made the bold decision to leave what was familiar to her – a successful career in the nursing and manufacturing fields. Inspired by family, she began working with her husband within the trucking industry. Tigress Logistics launched April of 2020 starting out as a home-based transport business to grow to a fully established company with a small fleet in a very short amount of time.

Based in Charlotte, NC, but serving the entire US, Tigress Logistics seeks to be a part of the amazing movement within the trucking industry of female owned and operated agencies. As we build the best fleet of drivers in the country, full of diversity and professionalism, Tigress Logistics seeks to attract women and men drivers to further promote opportunities in the industry.

We look forward to working alongside other women leaders within the trucking industry providing education and opportunities for all.

Tigress Logistics Promotes


Career Independence & Financial Security

We assist our drivers to become their own owner/operator where they can build financial security and savings.

Business Leadership

We lead by example. Leadership is demonstrated through communication, providing honest quotes, and maintaining consistency in enhancing our knowledge as it relates to any updates or changes in trucking rules and regulations.

Personal Responsibility

Our goal is to promote personal responsibility among drivers who are entering the industry with very little understanding of the field. We educate our drivers on how to develop business plans, financial management, and to plan for the future. Our drivers are expected to be abreast of all rules and regulations set forth by regulating agencies and ensure that they are in compliance.

With faith and hard work, nothing is impossible. When you set your eye on the mark, you can and will achieve what you set out to occur! I am committed and dedicated to soaring higher in the trucking field and want strong members to be on my team – join me!

I am committed to lead by example and I challenge you to put Tigress Logistics to the test.

Tigress’ Core Values


Safety is at our helm

Safety is at the top of our priorities...
It is pivotal to the success and future progression of our company. We take personal responsibility for the safety of our drivers and employees. Tigress can assure you that we perform safety assessments and adhere to protocol and procedures through means of continuous trainings, and education of knowledge and tools of work safely and prevent accidents. Safety assurance allows us to identify and address any potential hazards in an expeditious fashion. We firmly believe in transparency and if any employee identifies any unsafe practices, they have the authority obligation to make it know and bring it to the attention of leadership.

Our Employees are our GEMS

We at Tigress work in a team dynamic...
Our goals are accomplished by viewing everyone with respect and as an equal while exhibiting compassion and integrity. We deem ourselves as professionals and encourage our employees to remain professional at all times. Tigress is a high performing organization with team players who focus on delivery. Our goal is to attract and develop highly qualified professionals. We retain them by ensuring that they are respected, treated fairly, and work in a healthy environment that has an emphasis on personal development and a healthy work/life balance. Tigress rewards our employees and celebrates in their success.

Customers are our #1 Priority

Tigress values our customers as they are our #1 priority...
We are committed to providing high quality services and not just meeting the expectation of our customers, but exceeding those expectations. We are committed to fostering strong relationships that are undergirded on trust, loyalty, and confidence. This is why we provide clear and concise communication so that our customers will always be in the know. Our customers are our top stakeholders and the heartbeat of our organization. Without our customers, we are nothing.

Continuously Improving and Evolving

We at Tigress don’t know it all...
…and because of this is why we strive to do better day by day. We strive for improvement holistically. Leadership not only pushes their employees, but themselves to become greater. Tigress offers a myriad of training to include on the job training. We want our employees to be as knowledgeable as possible which is made possible through continuous training and development.

Diversifying our Workplace

Tigress embraces diversity...
We aim to hire people representative of the world that we live in – age, location, education, ethnicity. One of our future endeavors is to increase the hiring of female drivers. If you don’t know, a Tigress is a female tiger and we want to encourage female drivers in the workforce. We also are committed to extending employment opportunities to local drivers as well.

Making the Environment Healthier

Not only do we wish to have a healthy work environment...
…we wish to have a healthier physical environment. This can be done by the conservations of resources, reduction of waste and emissions, and the prevention of environmental pollution. Collectively, we can work with our customers to provide the best possible environmentally friendly solutions.

Financial Transparency

In order for us to achieve our organizational goals...
…and financial success, we believe that we have to provide means to manage the costs for our customers. Tigress is both organizationally strong and financially stable and wish to remain that way. In all of our endeavors, we wish to manage financial risk pragmatically, systematically, and responsibly.

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