IN-house Dispatching

Tigress makes dispatching a smooth and seamless process for our drivers (no forced dispatch). Your focus is to drive and deliver your haul. Put Tigress to the test and we guarantee we will exceed your expectations!

We work hard to do all of the hard work for you:
  • Research and determine the right loads for our carrier to haul-through the utilization of our current shipping partners and networks of freight brokers. Our dispatching agents negotiate the best rate on the load while avoiding the “low ball”
  • Tigress provides credit inquiries on all of our shippers and freight brokers to help ensure that payment will be received for services rendered
  • Tigress completes all necessary paperwork (Carrier Setup Packets) to ensure that you can move the load
  • Tigress will set up fuel advances as needed
  • Our dispatching agents send carriers all load information to pick up the load at the shipper and deliver the load to the receiving agent
  • Tigress assists drivers with load directions that may be needed and provides contacts for roadside assistance as necessary
  • Tigress completes all invoice billing collections after the carrier has picked up the load. The billing process will be initiated at pickup. We ensure that the carrier gets paid for loads that are hauled
  • Tigress files IFTA paperwork and all additional materials that provide compliance with FMCSA and USDOT

Short Haul & Long Haul

Tigress offers both Short Haul and Long Haul driving opportunities. No matter the distance of the haul, Tigress is committed to providing outstanding customer service.

We offer extensive benefits:
  • Short haul provides drivers with shorter distances, up to a 150-mile radius, with the opportunity of multiple loads per day
  • Road familiarity provides drivers similar routes to gain familiarity with a territory, thus expediting the pickup and delivery process
  • ELD restrictions are alleviated. Drivers delivering a haul within a 150-mile radius are not required to use ELD (electronic logging devices) for their HOS (hours of services) saving drivers time and money
  • Drivers must still rest! Short haul provides drivers with flexibility in establishing their own driving decisions
  • Work-life balance is supported with short hauls versus long hauls
  • Long haul OTR(over the road) drivers travel distances over 250 miles as longer time is required for the completion of the task
  • Long haul drivers must adhere to all regulations for driving a commercial motor vehicle
  • Long haul compensated by mileage
  • Per diem payments are given

Owner/Operator Loads

At Tigress, we encourage partnerships with owner operators. Consider working with Tigress to increase your business and we could use your services!

We provide the best Owner/Operator relationships:
  • Tigress establishes a strong rapport with owner operators through effective communication and transparency
  • Tigress stands on our word
  • Paying owner operators well
  • Paying owner operators on time
  • Provide shipments that are a good match
  • Consistently considering the owner operator for our business needs
  • Connecting the owner operator to our dispatching services to take advantage of haul opportunities
  • Providing incentives for partnering with Tigress

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